Mobile Storage

Mobile Self-Storage

Traditional Self-Storage can be rather inconvenient and costly, that is why we tailor a storage solution that brings the storage unit to you! Eliminating the burden and hassle associated with travelling between your premises and a self-storage facility, our tailored mobile self-storage solution maximises convenience and cost effectiveness for our customers.

With a range of mobile self-storage solutions and options to select from, we are confident that we have the right solution to accommodate all of your unique storage needs.

At All Vic, we supply a diverse range of storage units ranging in depth and height, enabling us to provide you with the right storage unit to accommodate all of your household goods, regardless of how long they are being stored and kept on your premises for.

All of the mobile storage units that we supply are wind and watertight, which means that the goods contained within your mobile storage unit are free from water damage, wind and vermin, providing you with the peace of mind knowing that your goods are protected from the elements.

Along with protection and safety, our mobile storage units also offer convenience for the customer in mind. Standardly fitted with tie rope rails and locking holes on the handles, you can be at peace knowing that the contents of your goods will be protected and secure whilst in transit and when kept on your premises.

If you would like an economical, tailored and convenient storage solution that minimises cost and maximises convenience, consider mobile self-storage and contact us for a free personalised mobile self-storage quote today!