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Eco Friendly Crates
Eco-Friendly Crates

At All Vic we continually strive to refine our services and products that we currently offer in an attempt to provide you with an unrivalled relocation service that meets industry quality standards and expectations. One of our core values is the environment and sustainment of it, hence why we are constantly trying to operate in a manner that reduces our environmental footprint. That is why we offer an environmentally friendly packing alternative to generic cardboard cartons that minimises our footprint and time required to pack the contents of your goods, which as a result saves you both time and money.

Enviro Crates are robust plastic cartons that are able to accommodate a variety of items found in a normal home, from crockery and kitchen utensils, all the way to delicate and fragile collectables. Enviro Crates are specifically designed to maximise convenience and practicality to you, eliminating the need to purchase cardboard moving cartons and tape, saving you money and time. Rigid, secure and convenient, we are confident that they are the ideal moving alternative that will change the way you move forever.

We currently stock and hire out both medium and large moving crates. The smaller crates are generally used to store and pack away smaller and heavier items such as books, collectables and breakables. Conversely, the larger crates are used for packing larger and lighter items such as linen, clothing and children’s toys. Along with the crates themselves, we also offer trollies specifically designed to mount underneath the crate, enabling you to easily move a stack of up to four crates per trolley load around at your leisure.

Once your order has been received and processed, we will then personally proceed to deliver the crates ordered to your front door step completely free of charge!

After you have settled into your new premises and all of your contents have been unpacked from the crates, notify our team and we will happily arrange one of our team members to collect the crates from your premises.

Specifically designed to minimise cost, mess and inconvenience, Enviro Crates are the future of the moving industry.

What are you waiting for? Come join the movement and contact our friendly team today to learn more about our crate hiring service today.