Container Loading & Unloading

Container Loading & Unloading

At All Vic, we have the skilled labour, facilities and resources to accept, load and unload any storage, shipping and air freight container that enters our depot.

Essentially, we assign skilled and professional employees that will diligently handle, itemise and wrap all of the contents of the shipping container/s and store them into our warehouse accordingly, ready for dispatch at any given point in time.

Equipped with the relevant warehousing tools, labour and equipment, we can assure you that we have all the equipment necessary to professionally palletise, store and actively manage the contents of your storage container in a systematic manner, which diminishes the chances of your products being lost, damaged and or incorrectly labelled throughout the warehousing process.

At All Vic we are prepared to handle a variety of unique items, regardless of the contents of your shipping container and fragility of the items contained within. Ranging from gym equipment to even the most delicate of electronics and glassware, you can rest easy knowing that your goods regardless of their nature are being handled with the utmost care and caution.

We understand that placing your trust in a company is a difficult thing to do, which is why we are governed by stringent inventory policy and procedures that ensures that no single item is left unaccounted for or excluded, which enables us to easily track, source and dispatch the contents of your storage container efficiently and effectively.

Whether you desire to store your goods for a certain period of time, or have them dispatched on the same day of retrieval, At All Vic we place your needs first and work around your schedule, which as a result provides you with convenience and practicality to continue operating unhindered.